Moonstone Ring

Bring moonstone into your life to calm your inner being.

Moonstone Ring

Moonstone is such a unique stone that makes every woman fall for it due to its wide range of sizes and shades. Our moonstone rings are available in various sizes and allow you to choose different metals, including gold, platinum, and silver.
As mentioned above, the moonstone has various types, and we are offering all shades and sizes in stylish ring frames.
The snappy metal design of the moonstone ring takes the best of the magical gemstone to the next level.
The sunny side is the rings we offer are meant to wear 24/7 due to their economic and carefree construction. In addition, the rings can be a part of every female's jewelry collection thanks to their stunning look


Looks like spectacular lights and mysterious clouds passing through the moon, the moonstone jewel enjoys significant stature in various cultures due to its ravishing shades.
The mesmerizing pearl-like hue exhibits indicate a deep meaning behind its inscription. And the startling name is indeed due to the glossy shades it depicts.
Shamans, monks, devotees of many religions, and spiritual leaders have great affection for the moonstone ring.
Did this gem come from the moon? What does the word "moonstone" actually mean? And what will be its effect on life? Proceed to learn about the mysterious energies of moonstone ring, and see why it's fortunate for you.

An incredible gift

Are you planning for a pleasant surprise for someone special in your life? Nothing is better than charismatic moonstone ring due to its grace and luminous rays. Aside from this, if your girlfriend or fiancé loves to have a pearl ring, then you can gift her with a moonstone ring and save money as well.
Even if you are not a gift-giver, the idea of giving a moonstone ring as a present to your sister and daughter on your birthday is a great way to show you affection. Our moonstone rings are so graceful that you can propose to someone special in your life to become your soulmate.
What a great way to thank your wife for all she has done for you, from cooking to managing home by gifting timeless moonstone ring. Doesn't it? Anniversary is the sweetest memory for any couple, why not make it more special by putting a moonstone ring on her finger.
Don't waste time and tell her how important she is for you with a premium quality moonstone ring. There is no better way than giving a memorable surprise gift to show your care and love. Women love both surprise and gift, which makes our rings a prominent choice due to their attractive look.

What is the meaning of moonstone?

As the magical effect of the moon on our lives, the meaning of the moonstone truly lies within the energies of the moon. Moonstone will put passion in yourself and arouse womanly powers in you. Apart from that, it will direct and heal your soul. Along with the waxing and fading of the moon, it creates a serenity that has a mystic and erotic feel.
In addition, the moonstone emits hidden power that boosts the mind and physique, takes away all the negativity, and brings a positive change in life. This jewel produces purple and golden lights along with glamorous white beams making it a catchy stone.

Types of Moonstone:
Moonstones are classified as per their shades rather than the base colors.

White Moonstone

Silver or white moonstone has a white complexion. We are commonly aware of this category due to its widespread occurrence and affordable price.
Blue Moonstone
It is the most valuable among all varieties of moonstone as it has the highest percentage of impurities like greyish mix in it. In contrast, white moonstone has minor impurities, which makes transparent blue moonstone rare.
Rainbow Moonstone
Unlike blue and white moonstones, the shade of the rainbow moonstone is a mix of yellow, pink, red, or green, making it a super unique stone. But in general, the rainbow moonstone is made up of calcium sodium plagioclase.
Gray Moonstone
The greyish moonstone is not truly a moonstone as it does not belong to the feldspar mineral family. It is a part of the plagioclase mineral group. This luxurious gem, also known as “labradorite,” is a blend of red, yellow, and blue, which in turn gives it a gray complexion.
Cat’s Eye Moonstone
The moonstones come with a chatoyancy influence other than bluish hue, also known as the cat’s eye effect. Whenever a sharp light hits the cat’s eye moonstone, it appears like the eye of a cat.

Moonstone Ring Healing Properties

The religious practitioners love moonstone rings because of their divine womanish feminine energies, which can turn bad fortune into good luck by eternal healing powers. From the spiritual to the physical aspect, moonstone gives a restorative feel.

Physical healing properties

Moonstone rings comply with the solar plexus chakra in the human brain and safeguard them from deadly diseases like edema, especially in females. Wearing jewelry made up of moonstones can routinely cure psychological problems but avoid wearing it during menstruation.
Moreover, the moonstone ring helps maintain a healthy endocrine system and results in a better fertility rate. This gemstone aids in better digestion by emitting rays that enable the body to absorb nutrients and release toxins to avert aging in the wearer.
Some women can not sleep well due to various reasons—the heavenly effect of the moonstone helps in a calm sleep. With more quality sleep, the skin look will glow, and you will be active throughout the daytime. In addition, moonstone jewelry is the best cure for sleepwalking.

Metaphysical healing properties

Moonstone ring is a symbol of romance as it arouses womanly feelings by producing a sentimental glow and awakens romance in us, which makes it the best gift for lovers. The presence of moonstone boosts love and care between couples by connecting their hearts, minds, and souls.
In various countries globally, this stone is also named the “Travelers Stone” as people of these nations believe that it protects them at dusk. On the other hand, it is considered as the symbol of “no tears.”

Why buy our Moonstone ring?

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Here we promise you top-notch quality and 100 percent satisfaction of the customer is our primary priority. Our moon stone rings are made up of finely crafted moonstone with a high polish, and our services are available 7 days a week for respectable customers like you. We are ready to have an ear on your concerns.